This year’s Howard Staunton Memorial Tournament is bigger and better than ever. With an outstanding line up, we have divided the event into two groups.

One group will be a double round Scheveningen System match between the UK and the Netherlands.

The other is an all play all single round with ten players.

UK has only a 61 point lead in the Scheveningen group tally and a 184 point deficit for All Play All group. It’s all to play for!

The tournament is taking place in its usual venue – Simpson’s In The Strand. Spectators are welcome to attend this historic home of chess where the Immortal game was actually played in 1851.

The opening ceremony and the first round will take place on Saturday 8th of August. The ceremony starts at 12 noon while round 1 begins at 2:30pm. With one rest day, the final round and the closing ceremony will take place on Monday the 17th of August. The free day for the all play all section is Saturday 15th of August.

Play starts everyday at 14:30 hours, except for the final day when it begins at noon.

Playing time control will be 40 moves in 2 hours, 20 in 1 hour and all remaining moves to be played in 30 minutes each with no increments.

With our usual generous benefactor’s help, we are hoping to have the UK’s top chess tournament as a top media event. We have already confirmation from the Chinese and the Dutch Ambassadors that they wish to attend our event. We will also be having surprise guest visits from other chess loving celebrities including the celebrated brain nutrition expert Prof Michael Crawford. Watch this space!

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