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The Howard Staunton society was formed in 1993 and has been responsible for the following:

1) We instigated the Howard Staunton tomb in Kensal Green cemetery
(Nearly £5000 was raised for this purpose and the tomb was designed by Society Secretary, Barry Martin)

The Howard Staunton tombstone
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The dedication is taken from Shakespeare’s Henry VI part I and reads:

‘O that I could but
call this dead to life!
It were enough to
fright the realm of France.
Were but his picture left
amongst you here it would
maze the proudest of you all.
Give me his body,
that I bear it hence,
and give it burial,
as beseems his worth.’

2) We initiated the Blue Plaque commemorating Staunton’s life in Nottinghill Gate under the auspices of English Heritage.

Barry Martin, David Howell and Grandmaster Julian Hodgson
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The plaque was unveiled at 117 Landsdowne Road W11 on Tuesday 28th September 1999. Society Secretary Barry Martin gave a speech which closed with the words:

‘Given much of what I have said this plaque is a beacon nationally and internationally for those not only wishing to pay their respects to this great man but also to those values that he stood up for; resourcefulness and strength in adversity; a belief in the power of the mind as a creative tool that can be developed and nurtured throughout our lives, and given his constant financial straits his belief in the purity of thought unfettered by the chains of commercialisation that many a man of smaller stature has succumbed to, especially when the stakes run high.

He kept honour with himself!

I am most privileged and honoured in unveiling this plaque to the memory of the greatest English chess player of all time - and a modern hero - Howard Staunton.

Three cheers!’

3) The Staunton Memorial (A Grandmaster all-play-all Tournament) at Simpson’s in the Strand was inaugurated by the Staunton society’s Chairman Raymond Keene in 2003. A second tournament was held in 2004.

The Society exists to promote awareness of Howard Staunton and to argue the case that he should be recognized as a full world champion. Members include Chairman Raymond Keene (who here presents the case to recognise Staunton as a full world Champion), Secretary Barry Martin, Treasurer Clive Davey, Honorary President IGM Nigel Short MBE and Royal Patron Prince Mohamed bin Talal of Jordan.

Contact Details:

Further information can be obtained from the Secretary Barry Martin,
98, Cole Park Road
020 8742 2311

Full membership of the Society is £25 a year or £15/year for OAPs and £10 a year for those U-16.